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THOR offers a complete range of Surge Protection Device, such as AC power SPD, PV system SPD, Signal and network SPD, Coaxial RF SPD, lightning rod, lightning box, etc.

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Incorporated in 2006, Thor Electric Co., Ltd has built everything to offer a wide range of innovative and reliable surge protection solutions and products.Thor is all about protecting against the damaging effects of power transients.


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We Are Thor Electricity

All types and classes of our lightning and surge arresters 20KA~200KA(8/20μS) and 15KA~50KA(10/350μS) are tested and pass all the requirements based on their class.
Performance Improvement
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Reduced Energy Consumption

THOR SPDs are applied to lightning protection in different low-voltage system fields, such as industry, solar power generation systems, telecommunications, network data centers, office buildings, and homes, etc.

Our Vision

Prevent all lightning from damaging the circuit

Our Mission

Build the safest surge protector

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Provide customers with the best protector

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Our Surge Protection Devices

AC Surge Protection Device

An advanced device designed to safeguard electronic equipment from voltage spikes and transient overvoltages in AC power systems.

DC Surge Protection Device

A specialized protection solution engineered to shield sensitive DC-powered devices and systems from the damaging effects of surges and voltage fluctuations.

Lightning Protection Box

Whether it is called a lightning protection box, arrester or arrester, it provides comprehensive lightning protection

Signal Surge Protector Device

A cutting-edge device crafted to protect signal and communication lines, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable transmission by mitigating the impact of surge events.

Lightning Rod

A lightning rod is a passive conductor mounted on buildings or structures to intercept lightning strikes safely

About Thor

THOR SPDs are applied to lightning protection in different low-voltage system fields,Provide customers with the best

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