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AC lightning protection equipment is a device used to protect buildings, electrical systems and equipment from sudden voltage fluctuations and surges in the AC power supply.

DC lightning protection equipment is used to protect DC power systems, solar panels, battery systems, etc. from sudden DC voltage fluctuations and surges. It functions similarly to the AC Surge Protective Device, but is designed for DC systems.

Signal lightning protection equipment is used to protect signal transmission equipment in telecommunications, communications and data lines from lightning strikes and surges. These devices are commonly used to protect telephone lines, network cables, instruments and control systems, etc.

A lightning rod is a conductive rod or device that protrudes from a building or structure. It attracts lightning and guides it safely to the ground, thereby protecting the building and surrounding areas from the danger of lightning strikes.

A lightning protection box is a device used to protect electronic equipment and electrical systems from damage caused by surges and overvoltage.