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Surge FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The pre-sales, sales and after-sales services of Thor surge protector products follow the following principles:

Question 1: How can customers ensure they select surge protection products that meet the requirements of their projects?

We provide product consultations and answer queries. Additionally, we lay a foundation for customers to choose surge protector products that align with their project requirements.

We provide surge protector samples for customers to test and evaluate. As a result, this ensures the products meet their actual needs.

We provide manuals and operating guidelines for surge protector products, aiding customers in using the products correctly.

We offer OEM/ODM services for surge protectors, thereby customizing products based on customer needs. Consequently, this helps in establishing customers’ own brand of lightning protection products.

We provide bulk production plans and specific delivery times. Thus, ensuring customers have ample time to prepare and use the products.

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After-Sale Service

The sale of Thor lightning protection products centers around customer needs. Additionally, offering comprehensive services and support ensures customers feel secure and satisfied.

Question 6: How is the stability and reliability of the sold surge protection products ensured?

nsures the stability and reliability of the products.

We provide technical support and online consultations. Consequently, this helps in resolving any issues customers may encounter during the use of the products.

We provide product usage training and technical training. These offerings aid customers in better using and maintaining the products.

We provide quality assurance services, which, in turn, ensures customers receive reliable surge protector products.

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