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DC Isolator switch ELR2 series

  • IP66 rated enclosure,UV Resistant
  • 4XM20 knock holes
  • The handle can be padlocked in the”OFF”position
  • MC4 plugs can be selected for Convenient connection and space saving
  • 2 Pole,4 Poles are viable(Single l Double String)
  • Standard:IEC60947-3,AS60947.3
  • DC-PV2,DC-PV1,DC-21B
  • 16A,25A,32A,1200V DC
Catalogue-Surge Protective Devices

ELR2 Series DC Isolator Switch in plastic enclosure isapplied to 1~20 KW residential or commercial photovoltaicsystem, placed between

photovoltage modules and inverters.Arcing time is less than 8ms, that keeps solar system more safe.To ensure its stability and long service

life, our products aremade by components with optimum quality. Max voltageis up to 1200V DC. It holds a safe lead among similar products.

Electrical Characteristics
Utilization categoryDC-PV2DC-PV1DC-21B
Rated frequencyDC
Rated operational voltage                  Ue300V,600V,800V,1000V,1200V
Rated operational voltageleSee the page 7
Rated insulation voltage        U1200V
Conventional enclosed thermal current l theSame as le
Rated short-time withstand current         lcw1kA,1s
Rated impulsed withstand voltage          Uimp8.0kV
Oyervoltage category
Suitability for isolationYES
PolarityNo polarity,”+”and”-“polarities could be interchanged.
ingress protectionSwitch BodyIP66
Electrical          Characteristics