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TRSS-RJ45-24 Rack-mounted Network Signal Surge Protector

TRSS-R45 Series SPD

  1. Indeally suited for retrofitting, protection of all lines
  2. For installation in conformity with the lightning protection zone concept at the boundaries from 0B -2 and higher
Catalogue-Surge Protective Devices
For 19” Cabinet Rack
For 19” Cabinet Rack
Material/Ports numbersPA66/Aluminum/single portAluminum/16 portsAluminum/24 ports
Nominal volatge                                                 Un48 V
Maximum operating voltage (d.c.)                       Uc50 V
Maximum operating voltage (a.c.)                       Uc34 V
Maximum operating voltage (d.c.) pair-pai(PoE)   Uc57 V
Nominal current                                                   IL1 A
Current flow (8/20μs)(L-L)5 kA
Current flow (8/20μs)(L-PE)10 kA
Voltage protection level (L-L)                               Up 60 V
Voltage protection level  (L-PE)                            Up500 V
Cut-off frequency250 MHz
Insertion loss at 250 MHz (1000Mpbs)≤ 0,5 dB
Connection (input/ output)RJ45 socket/ RJ45 socket
PinningData:1/2/3/6; PoE:4/5/7/8
Response time                                                     ta25ns
Degree of protectionIP20
Range of operating temperatures (min/max)-40℃/70℃
Humidity range5%-95%
According to standardEN 61643-21:2012, IEC 61643-21:2011