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TRSW Series Coaxial SPD

TRSC Lightning counter

TRSW Coaxial cable Surge Protector should be installed between two coaxial cable connectors or two communication equipments to effectively prevent the communication equipments from being damaged by transient forming from nearby strike. This product has high capacity of surge current and a wide frequency range, thus it is ideal protector for various communication equipment.


This protector is applicable in indoors, it should be installed between two coaxial cable connectors or two communication equipments, the cross section of grounding wire should no less than 4mm2, and be wired with the earthing terminal of prevented equipment.
  1. Counting Precisely
  2. It has a strongabilityofAnti-interference
  3. lt can preserve the datas for one month after the disconnection of power
  4. It can be used simply and matched the use of kinds of Power pretectors and equipments
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Installing figure:


Interface TypeBNCNTNCSMA
Frequency Range(BNC: DC-2GHz) (N、TNC、SMA:DC-2.5GHz)
Insertion loss≤0.3dB
Input Power<20W<50W<100W<200W<400W<500W
Initial Discharge Voltage≥50V≥70V≥120V≥190V≥280V≥280V
Current Capacity10KA
Interface TypeBNC; N; TNC; SMA
Housing materialBrass HPb59-1, GB4425-84
Degree of protectionIP20
Range of operating temperatures (min/max)-40℃/70℃
Humidity range5%-95%
According to standardEN 61643-21:2012, IEC 61643-21:2011