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8 Difference Between MCB and MCCB

What is MCB

MCB full form is Miniature Circuit Breaker, which is an electrical switch used to automatically shut down circuits and protect circuits and load equipment in the event of overcurrent. MCB is suitable for low voltage circuits and has a variety of pole numbers to choose from. Its rated current is basically below 100 amps and its tripping characteristics cannot be changed.

What is MCCB

MCCB stands for Molded Case Circuit Breaker, which is also an electrical protection device that prevents excessive current. It has a thermomagnetic or electronic tripping device, which is often used to protect circuit currents above 100A. It has adjustable tripping characteristics.

Difference Between MCB and MCCB

Both MCB and MCCB are the most widely used circuit breaker switches in various electrical applications around the world. Although their working principles are very similar, there are some differences in various characteristics and attributes, so MCB is used in various application scenarios according to actual needs. Or MCCB.

MCB compared to MCCB: Rated Current

The frame rating of a circuit breaker determines its current rating. The rated current range of MCB is from 6A to 63A, and the rated current range of MCCB is from 10A to 1600A. The frame current of these two circuit breakers is not in the same grade.

MCB compared to MCCB:Short Circuit Time

Short circuit time is the time it takes for the circuit breaker to respond after a short circuit fault occurs. The short circuit time of MCCB is usually shorter than that of MCB. MCCB is used to handle higher currents and faster short circuit time can provide better protection.

MCB compared to MCCB:Short Circuit Current Rating

Under the protection of electrical protection devices, the maximum short-circuit current that the load equipment can withstand without excessive damage is the short-circuit current rating (SCCR). The rated short-circuit current of MCB is usually up to 10kA, and the rated short-circuit current of MCCB is usually up to 100kA.

MCB compared to MCCB:Number of Poles

The number of poles is the number of poles used to break wires. It refers to the number of lines that can be disconnected at the same time. For example, 3 poles means that 3 circuits can be disconnected at the same time. MCB has 1-pole, 2-pole and 3-pole poles, and MCCB has one more type, 4-pole. MCBs are designed for low-voltage electrical applications that basically only require single-phase or three-phase protection. The additional number of poles of MCCBs allows them to provide better protection for complex circuits.

MCB compared to MCCB:Trip Circuit

The trip circuit reacts to the operation of the relay coil in the event of an electrical fault such as a short circuit, overload, or ground fault. MCB uses a fixed trip circuit, which is more sensitive to overload conditions, while MCCB uses an adjustable trip circuit, which can provide adequate protection for various requirements.

MCB compared to MCCB: Application

Since the interrupting rating of MCB is basically up to 1800 amps, the interrupting rating of MCCB is between 10k to 200k amps. Therefore, MCB is more suitable for low-voltage electrical industry applications, and MCCB is suitable for heavy machinery equipment applications.

MCB compared to MCCB: Price

The price of MCCB is much higher than MCB. Different brands, different functions, and prices of the same type of products also have obvious differences. MCCBs use sturdier materials and have more sophisticated features such as adjustable trip electrical settings.

MCB compared to MCCB: Installation and Maintenance

Due to the different size and complexity, the installation and maintenance situations of MCB and MCCB are also different. MCBs have a compact design and are generally smaller and lighter, so they are easier to install, while MCCBs are larger and heavier, so installation can be more complicated. MCB does not require much maintenance. If it is damaged, it can be replaced directly. The maintenance of valuable MCCB is more complicated, and you can also consider repairing it after it is damaged.