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Application and advantages of automatic welding machine in the production of surge protector

The soldering process uses the melting of metal tin to fill the connection gap between two metal parts to ensure that the two metal parts are connected as a whole and maintain the firmness and conductivity of the connection between the two metal parts. In the production process of lightning protection products, the connection between some key parts of the metal parts uses the soldering process and the requirements for the soldering process are more stringent.

  The stability of the soldering process is closely related to the relevant process parameters in the soldering process, mainly including the following key factors:

1. The material properties of the welding surface of metal parts;

2. Material grade and quality of metal tin

3. The cleanliness of the welding surface;

4. The quantity of solder material (solder volume);

5. Soldering temperature

6. Welding time

  The material properties of the welding surface of metal parts and the cleanliness of the welding surface can be effectively controlled by product structure design.

In conventional manual soldering, the quantity of solder material (solder amount), soldering temperature, and soldering time can only be realized by the operation skills of the welding operator. The quality of welding can only be determined by operating experience, and only fuzzy qualitative control can be carried out. The welding quality is affected by the technical level of the operator and the fluctuation of mood factors, and there will be certain fluctuations.

Since the product defects caused by welding defects account for a considerable proportion in the statistics of the causes of product quality problems, the use of automatic welding technology can reduce the amount of solder material (solder tin amount) in the welding project, welding temperature, and welding time. Factors are improved from artificial fuzzy qualitative control to intelligent quantitative control, and it is a very necessary measure to ensure the consistency and stability of the welding quality of welded parts.

  Since 2018, Thor Electric Company has invested funds to transform the welding production process, changing the welding of conductive parts in the production of surge protectors from manual welding to automatic welding machine welding, and increasing the solder qualification rate of surge protector products to nearly 99.9% %, to provide a good production process basis for the production of surge protector products with stable quality.