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Is it necessary to install a surge protector indoors?

Is it necessary to install a surge protector indoors?

Surge protector is a protective device used to limit transient overvoltage, which can effectively and quickly discharge lightning current to protect various household electrical equipment. All types of buildings need to install corresponding surge protectors according to the lightning protection category of the building to ensure lightning protection safety.

But in reality, many old houses and historical buildings and other lightning protection measures are not installed in place, and there is no surge protector installed in the meter box, which is prone to hidden dangers. So is it necessary to install a surge protector? Today, we will give you a brief explanation based on the following two situations.

1. For urban residential buildings with sound lightning protection facilities, households can use power supply lightning protection plug-in strips

Modern residential quarters are equipped with complete lightning protection devices at the beginning of construction, including direct lightning protection and induction lightning protection. Adaptive surge protectors (type1 or type2 surge protectors, depending on site conditions.) and air switches and other electrical equipment have been installed in the main power distribution cabinet of each residence to ensure the safety of the incoming power supply. Lightning currents and surges will be safely released in advance. In this case, there is no need to install a surge protector where the household power supply enters the home. In this case, the power supply lightning protection plug-in strip can be used to solve the lightning protection safety problem at the power-taking place of household appliances. However, in order to ensure safe use, it is still necessary to avoid using household appliances in thunderstorm weather, so as to avoid hidden dangers caused by the use of household appliances.

Second, it is recommended to install SPD for old houses and historic buildings with unsound lightning protection facilities.

Old residences and historical buildings generally have a long history of construction. The lightning protection facilities do not meet modern standards and are in disrepair. In this case, it is necessary to install a suitable surge protector (type1 or type2 surge protector, depending on the site conditions) at the household power supply to ensure the safety of indoor electricity use and prevent indoor equipment from being damaged. In addition, with the development of modernization, some construction projects ignore the importance of lightning protection facilities in order to save costs and adopt simple lightning protection solutions, or ignore the installation of surge protectors. It is also recommended to install adaptive surge protection indoors device.