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Lightning protection grounding in network equipment room

Lightning protection grounding in network equipment room

Why do lightning protection grounding?

  Computers and networks are getting deeper and deeper into people’s life and work, and it also heralds the coming of digital and information age. The widespread application of these microelectronic network devices makes the problem of lightning protection more and more important. Due to the characteristics of high density, high speed, low voltage, and low power consumption, microelectronic devices are very sensitive to various electromagnetic interferences such as lightning overvoltage, power system operating overvoltage, electrostatic discharge, and electromagnetic radiation. If the protective measures are not effective, major losses may be suffered anytime and anywhere.

The necessity of lightning protection in the computer room

  Lightning strikes can produce different forms of damage. The International Electrotechnical Commission has called lightning disasters “a major public hazard in the electronic age”. Instantaneous overvoltages such as lightning strikes, induced lightning strikes, and power supply spikes have become the chief culprits that damage electronic equipment. From the analysis of a large number of lightning strike cases of communication equipment, the international equipment generally believes that: the lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) caused by lightning induction and lightning wave intrusion is the main cause of damage to equipment in the computer room. The precautionary principle adopted for this purpose is “overall defense, comprehensive management, and multiple protections.” Strive to minimize the harm it produces.

Design of lightning protection and grounding system in computer room

  The lightning protection grounding system is an important subsystem for the protection of weak current precision equipment and the computer room, which mainly ensures the high reliability of the equipment and prevents the harm of lightning. The central computer room is a place with very high equipment value. Once a lightning strike accident occurs, it will cause incalculable economic losses and social impacts. According to the relevant regulations of the IEC61024 standard, the lightning protection level of the central computer room should be set as a second-class standard design. The perfect lightning protection grounding system is matched with the TRSS-RJ45 series single port/rack type network lightning protection device produced by Thor Lightning Protection Company, which will effectively protect the equipment in the network computer room from lightning damage and ensure the safe and stable operation of the computer room host.