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PV system solar surge protector installation requirements where external lightning protection device does not meet safety separation distance requirements

PV systems with external Lightning protection system that do not meet the safety distance (s) requirements (including multiple grounded PV systems, such as PV power plants)


① Class I test SPD in accordance with IEC61643-31

② Class I test SPD in accordance with IEC61643-11

③ Class I test SPD in accordance with IEC61643-11

④ Class I test SPD in accordance with IEC61643-31

⑤ LPS air-termination system:

⑥ LPS down-conductor.

  E    Equipotential bonding (not meeting the safe separation distance is equivalent to non-isolated Lightning protection device)

Schematic diagram of solar surge protector installation when the PV system and the external Lightning protection system do not meet the safety separation distance

When other parts of the photovoltaic system may be connected to the same equipotential bonding belt as the solar surge protector after the installation of the solar surge protector, the solar surge protector can be required to meet the requirements of the Class I test.

In this configuration, the AC and DC conductors can be considered as parallel conductors of equipotential bonding strips.

Location ①②③④ need to choose to install Type I test solar surge protector. solar surge protectors at positions ① and ② should be installed as close to the inverter as possible, as shown in Figure 3. The solar surge protector at position ④ should be installed as close to the PV array as possible.

In general, solar surge protectors at installation positions ② and ③ are necessary, unless the inverter and the main power distribution cabinet are connected to the same grounding system, and the connecting cable length is less than or equal to 0.5m (for example, the inverter is located in the main power distribution cabinet). inside), at this time, the solar surge protector in position ② can not be installed.