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The EPI 2023

Exhibition introduction

   Indonesia Power Show is an event with a strong focus on power generation, renewable energy and electrical equipment, held in Indonesia, the most dynamic market in Southeast Asia. The last exhibition attracted 388 companies and 11,696 professional visitors.

   The exhibition is held every two years and has been successfully held for 20 times, providing key decision-makers in the industry with an excellent platform for face-to-face communication with potential customers. Allows major equipment importers, distributors and agents to network and discuss new business opportunities in this rapidly growing industry.

surge protection device

   Our daily lives rely heavily on electronic devices. From computers to refrigerators, the gadgets and appliances we use contain sensitive electronic components. It is critical to protect these components from sudden voltage spikes. A surge protector acts as a gatekeeper between the power source and the connected electronic devices. When input voltage exceeds safety thresholds, surge protectors divert excess power away from connected devices, keeping them safe.

   The advantages of using a surge protector go beyond just preventing immediate damage;

1. Extend equipment life: Regular exposure to minor surges can degrade the performance of electronic components over time. By continuously diverting these surges, a surge protector ensures your equipment has a longer lifespan.

2. Cost savings: Replacing or repairing damaged electronic equipment can be expensive. Investing in a surge protector can reduce these costs in the long run.

3. Peace of mind: Knowing that your electronic devices are not affected by unexpected electrical events can give you peace of mind, especially during storms or power fluctuations.

Product display

   We will display the latest surge protectors, signal surge protectors, lightning protection boxes, lightning rods and other core products. The full range of TRS products can effectively protect electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning strikes and transient overvoltage. These products have large flow capacity, can replace modules with power, have reliable thermal detachment devices, are small in size, and are easy to install. , they represent the latest technology and R&D achievements of Thor Lightning in the field of lightning protection equipment. We hope to provide high-quality, reliable lightning protection products for the power market in Indonesia and Southeast Asia!

The Thor team has arrived at the Jakarta International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 12, 2023 to participate in the 4-day exhibition event of the “21st Indonesia International Power Generation & Renewable Energy & Power Equipment Series Exhibition Series”. Our booth number is A-1218. We sincerely look forward to in-depth exchanges with local power companies and partners to explore more cooperation opportunities together!