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THOR Network Surge Protection device

The network lightning protection device is a kind of surge protection device, which is mainly used for lightning protection measures taken against the network system. It is an important performance of internal lightning protection. In today’s rapid development of information technology, the application of network lightning protection devices is becoming more and more common.

Tor network surge protector types include single-port network surge protector, two-in-one network surge protector, three-in-one network surge protector, 16-port rack-mounted network surge protector, 24-port rack-mounted network surge protector . According to the network speed, it is divided into: 100M network lightning protection device and Gigabit network lightning protection device. Mainly installed in: network switches, network routers, network cable signal transmission, home network weak current boxes, network computer rooms and other areas. The network signal surge protector is designed according to the standard of IEC communication network surge protector, suitable for surge protection of adaptive Ethernet, standard RJ45 interface, the protection line has 4-core line protection (1, 2, 3, 6), 8-core line full protection (12, 36, 45, 78), plug and play.