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Type 3 Surge Protective Device SPD

How lightning forms

What is a Type 3 surge protection device?

Type 3 SPD is usually installed after Type 2 SPD and upstream of the terminal equipment. This SPD has a lower discharge capacity and is used to protect the terminal equipment from small surges.

Where can a Type 3 surge protective device be installed?

Type 3 SPDs can be installed at more subdivided locations in a building’s electrical system, directly in front of terminal sensitive equipment, close to high-value equipment and in sub-distribution panels.

Before endpoint sensitive equipment: like computer rooms, communications equipment, data centers, and medical facilities.

Close to high-value equipment: In scenarios with high-value or critical equipment, Type 3 SPD can be installed directly in the scene to provide targeted protection.

Sub-distribution board: Installed in the sub-distribution board close to the terminal equipment and integrated into the existing electrical panel, which facilitates unified maintenance in the future and makes management more convenient.

what is terminal equipment protected by a type 3 spd?

Type 3 SPD provides sophisticated protection and is usually used to protect sensitive, high-value electronic equipment. The following are common terminal equipment protected by Type 3 SPD:

Computers and additional equipment: computer host, monitor, printer, etc.

Communication system equipment: phones, routers, etc.

Entertainment equipment: game consoles, external speakers, etc.

Office equipment: scanners, fax machines, etc.

Security system equipment: cameras, alarm systems, safety exit lights, etc.

Household electrical equipment: air conditioners, refrigerators, smart home systems, etc.

Medical equipment: patient monitors, CT scanners, etc.

Sales system equipment: electronic cash register, barcode scanner, etc.

Data center equipment: servers, external hard drives, etc.