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Lightning Rod Installation

What types of buildings require lightning rods?

Buildings that are taller than adjacent buildings or trees need to install lightning rods.

Lightning strikes high places, and some places are very high above sea level. Even a house with only one floor may be directly struck by lightning.

TRSB lightning rod install

How much does it cost to install a lightning rod?

The cost of installing a lightning rod needs to consider the product type, material and quantity, as well as labor cost, and is basically between US$400 and US$2,500.

Product type: Franklin lightning rod and ESE lightning rod. Franklin lightning rods are easy to install and operate and require a small footprint. Buyers can install and replace them by themselves based on their understanding of electrical knowledge. The installation of ESE lightning rods is complicated, the cost is higher, and the protection area is much larger than that of ordinary lightning rods. ESE lightning rods must be installed by professionals, so it requires a considerable increase in installation costs.

Product materials: There are two common materials used to make lightning rods: aluminum and copper. These two materials have different advantages and disadvantages in practical applications. Aluminum lightning rods are cheaper, but their relative conductivity efficiency is also lower. Copper lightning rods cost more, but they conduct electricity more efficiently.

Product quantity: Depends on the area of ​​the house that needs to be protected. ESE lightning rods have a larger protection area than Franklin lightning rods, and the number required is relatively less than Franklin lightning rods.

Labor cost: Depends on lightning rod type and workload. Franklin lightning rods are easy to install, while ESE lightning rods are complicated to install and require professional installation. If the house is small and the protection area is small, fewer lightning rods need to be installed; if the house is large and the protection area is large, more lightning rods need to be installed. Higher housing costs will also be higher, after all, longer cables will be required to connect, which will increase the workload.

Do lightning rods require regular maintenance?

Lightning rods require regular maintenance. Every once in a while, especially after a thunderstorm, the lightning protection system needs to be inspected.

The inspection interval is affected by factors such as the environment of the protected area, the materials used in the lightning protection system, and other factors.

Regular maintenance usually includes the following points:

1. Check the down conductor and grounding status

2. Check whether the wires and lightning protection system components are firmly fixed

3. Check the supporting equipment for signs of damage

4. Check whether there are obvious signs of corrosion on the main body of the lightning rod.