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Lightning Rod for House

Lightning is a dangerous and powerful natural phenomenon that can threaten the safety of a home and its contents.
The lightning protection system can protect your house from damage caused by lightning strikes. The house lightning rod is one of the important components of the lightning protection system. It guides lightning strikes underground to protect the house. Lightning rods are usually installed on the roof of a house to provide a path of least resistance to ground.

Do I need to install a lightning rod for my house?

When considering whether to install a lightning rod for your house, if the following conditions are met, it is highly recommended to install a lightning rod lightning protection system.

  1. Houses are built in areas with high frequency of lightning strikes
  2. The house is significantly higher than other nearby buildings
  3. The building materials of the house are easy to conduct electricity.
  4. There are many tall trees around the house
  5. Isolated house with empty surroundings

Prepare your home for a lightning strike

There are many ways to prevent damage caused by lightning strikes and protect your property.

  1. Install certified and high-quality surge protectors, rail-type ones and signal lightning protection ones.
  2. Install a lightning protection system for the house and purchase qualified lightning rods, down conductors and other related equipment.
  3. Provide lightning protection or diversion for the pipes entering the house from the outside.
  4. When valuable electronic equipment is not in use, you can unplug it.

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  1. its a natural calamities for Bangladesh. we are taking preparation to face problem. in near future we will take an government declaration that it must have to installation thunder storm protecting device for all new construction building.
    Bangladesh is an big business hub of china. you will do better.

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