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Lightning Strike Counter

What is a lightning strike counter?

lightning strike counters are usually installed on the ground wires of lightning protection systems such as lightning rods, and are devices used to record the number of lightning strikes.

Working principle

The working principle of the lightning strike counter is to sense the current signal when the lightning current flows to the earth through the ground wire, send it to the counting chip, record the result and display it on the LED.

Why is it needed?

lightning strike counters can bring a lot of help to lightning protection systems. For people who want to prevent lightning damage, lightning strike counters are one of the essential tools.

Insurance purpose: When the lightning protection system is damaged due to lightning strikes, in order to distinguish human-caused damage to the lightning protection system, the insurance company will require proof of lightning damage. A lightning strike counter can provide proof of being struck by lightning.

Maintenance: In order to better understand the situation of the lightning protection system during maintenance, you can check the number of lightning strikes on the LED display of the lightning counter to confirm the maintenance plan of the lightning protection system.

Are lightning strike counter data accurate?

lightning strike counter data is generally accurate, but there are errors. This is related to the type of sensor and the environment in which it is used.

Lightning strike counter price

lightning strike counters range in price from tens to hundreds of dollars, depending on features, brand, and measurement accuracy. Choose an appropriate lightning strike counter based on specific application requirements, electromagnetic interference conditions at the installation location, and your own budget.

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